trays and equipment

Self watering trays:

Self watering vegetable tray cost unplanted: R260 inc vat

Self watering tray Self watering tray instructions Self watering vegetable trays Self watering vegetable trays

Green roof modules:

The containers are patented custom made modules that are made of a recyclable HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) and are UV resistant.

  • Each module has a built- in drainage systems and water reservoirs that aid in both storing water for plant usage as well as slowing down rainfall run off into existing infrastructure.
  • They are made in varying depths of 75mm, 100mm and 200mm thus allowing for greater use of plant species adaptability.
  • The Modules are movable thus allowing for easy maintenance of the existing roof as well as changing of landscape design.

Deep: R 240 inc vat
Medium: R 200 inc vat
Shallow: R 185 inc vat

Green roof modules Green roof modules Green roof modules Tray colour chart

View our tray colour chart here

Estimated Green roof costs per sqm:

(please note that this cost is an estimate and that each roof is case specific and thus costs may fluctuate:

Direct green roof costs per square metre: +/- R 480
Modular green roof costs per square metre: +/- R 590

Please download this file to read more on constructing a green roof:

Green Roof Applications PDF